My take is Hecla new that the results were mediocre but they still invested in the company based on the fact that there is some promise to the site. Hecla probably saw preliminary they were not that good.......and therefore bought into the company at 15 cents when the stock was trading near 20cents. CSQ is now flush with cash and they have a long drill program scheduled for 2013. Additionally, they have some new areas and zones to drill in and technology has changed since Newmont owned and operated the property in the mid 80's. My take is that they hit something big at another area of the property and the stock rises later in the year. Great time to average down for those longs and we'll be back at 30 cents before the start of summer. Also, Management has taken a company before from 20 million market cap to 140 million plus market cap; Greg would have not exercises shares at 15 cents if he knew the results would bring it down to 10 cents. Doesn't matter who you are no one want to lose 50K in a week?

This is a long but it will pay off in the end