I think the reality here is somewhere between
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the two extremes posted here. Of course Hecla knows what they're doing, but they're in it for the long haul and this is a comparatively small investment for them with a long time horizon. Probably what's happening here given the very long delays and decision to batch results is that this preliminary round of drilling is not hitting huge grades yet. This will affect the share price negatively short term. The merits of the property don't change but the timing for us retail investors is important. If this round of results doesn't hit, then we have dead money and even worse losses at an extremely favorable time seasonally in the markets. The next drill program won't start until March, so results will be...who knows..mid- summer maybe. Meanwhile we have several stocks coming off their lows strongly and in the past few days several have had 1 day gains of between 50-200% on strong volume. These are the logical thought processes that should be going through everyone's heads that have been waiting so long with essentially dead money. I sold @ an avg. of .20 cents and have since more than doubled that money following the momentum darlings of the day. Do I believe in csq? Yes, whole heartedly, but I believe just as strongly that I will be able to get in cheaper after the results. Could I be way off? Of course, but in the meantime, my money is making money and if the results merit it, I will pay up for csq...sorry for the long post. GLTA.  hulio


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