assays in hand that tell him he should be exercising warrants at .15 but he's holding those assays back because he wants to fak his shareholders out of a nickel per share ? Ignoring the insider trading issue entirely don't you think every shareholder/investor/regulator on the planet will be climbing up Mr. Hahns if they even get an inkling that He's done this. And don't worry if anything even close to what you're suggesting happens I'll be writing to the BCSC and the TSX myself until they climb up his and tell me it's all clear !!!! 

If we have material information then it must be released and Mr. Hahn certainly knows what a material assay looks like. I promise you we don't have one or else he's just itching for a  law suit.

My guess is he knows that over the course of the year this dog will have it's day and .25 or .30 or maybe even .50 will come along and he can sell enough stock to take the sting out of exercising those warrants but I doubt very much that it has anything to do with assays he has in hand right now. For all we know he may be getting encouraging reports from Guyana but he's going to have to be careful about the timing of that info too . 

I feel for those poor Hahn kids this Christmas, Oh No more CSQ certs in our stockings again, not even an orange this time,  Ahhhhhhhh !