Agree with you regarding the date of release Labumba. Why would the company release good news before Dec 17th? We have 8 trading days left before the coversion of .15 paper to .20. Instead of adding another $3,489,000 CSQ would be adding $4,652,000 to top it's cash holdings off to 9 million, not including any other .27 paper that could be thrown into the mix. IF CSQ trades about .75 those warrants get forced(Remeber that number, it will come into play).  The good news is I think stellar results are on the way, the bad news is we could trade down to .15 before the news hits to ensure the .15 paper isn't exercised. I would rather take 2 weeks of pain for the longer term gain.  Dolly Varden silver who just closed a PP with Hecla at .16 that was announced in Aug.....quickly doubled from .16 to .32 just having Hecla onboard with no drilling results,100 percent increase in SP within 2 months and no drill results.  They also took 3 weeks to close the deal with only a 4 month hold not a 12 month hold like CSQ that only took 2 days to close.  Don't get rattled by the volitility in trading that we will have to deal with for the next 2 weeks. The real payday is not far away. Anyone willing to call Canamex, I called yesterday and was told Robert was out of town until Monday but I would like confirmation from Nye gold's statment about Hecla's VP of exploration visiting the property and if in fact there is a blackout on Insiders (604) 336-8612 anyone care to call Kelly?