For all my friendly Canadian neighbours to the North, I thought you might like this golden NUGGET of info.  Apparently Dr.Dean McDonald, Vice President of Exploration at Hecla is currently at Bruner. Why is that important you ask? Well knowing Dean's background, he was with Miramar Mining.......yes the Miramar Mining who once owned the rights and explored the Bruner gold deposit in the 90's.  Coincidence......I think not.  I'm surprised there hasn't been more excitement with the addition of Hecla.  The biggest asset they bring to this relationship isn't their deep pockets but rather knowledge and expertise.  These guys are the BEST hands down at underground mining. Do some research on their mines, almost all underground and high grade veins, mind you mostly silver. Look at the Lucky Friday Mine, it is one of the deepest in the entire country and they are going even deeper.  You can see the Big Picture unfolding right before your eyes. CSQ brings in a specialist on the Ken Snyder Mine (Dr.Leavitt) and Hecla jumps onboard.......who just happens to be underground mining wizards and their VP has past drilling experience at Bruner.  I'm starting to feel that those rumors around town are about to pan out shortly.  They may just end up with a Round Mountain/Ken Snyder combination.  The hisorical resource area of just under 400,000 oz is actually a better grade than what is mined at round mountain,around half a gram per ton for cash cost of $700. Not bad, however the real payday will be if the Ken Snyder comparison pans out. That mine was roughly 3.7 million OZ's at 45 GPT, cash cost around $100.  Add up all the clues folks and draw your own conclusions but I truely believe you will see both a leach pad for the halo low grade and an expertly developed underground mine courtesy of Hecla someday in good ol Bruner.  There are going to be a lot of people caught off guard by this discovery kicking themselves......I can't believe I didn't see it.  Well some of us have.