make a great point. If the warrants get exercised after Dec 14th it adds an extra $1,163,000 to the CSQ kitty than if they get exercised before that date.  That's more than enough incentive for management to take that route.  Bring out the results Dec 17th. I can see the logic but I think everyone is jumping the gun as to the delay. I just noticed tonight that CSQ has updated the Bruner Gold PDF:

It use to state that drilling would finish Nov now reads Dec 15th. However they have not added any additional holes to the program, it still shows 16RC. Why would the program be delayed an additional 2 weeks without any additional holes? Because the assay lab is backed up.  They are not just going to drill all 16 RC holes without the knowledge of the geology and grades.  The extension is so they can wait for the results before picking the next couple targets.  Tells me assays have been delayed roughly 2 weeks and we could very well see them Monday or early next week.  Track the dates of when the 1201-6 RC hole program began drilling and when they finally received the assay for 1201.  If the labs are delayed by 2 weeks then we are still right on schedule to receive the core and 2 RC holes.  Hecla didn't jump in before the assays are out because they think CSQ has hit and going to hit a bunch of dusters. Out of the thousands of juniors out there Hecla chose to invest in CSQ with a 12 month hold on shares. I know the PP with Dolley Varden Silver Hecla just did only had a 4 month hold.  CSQ can be a volitile stock to hold but in the end it will pay off in Spades.