Helca exited it's position from the Hollister Mine in Nevada to look for a project with bigger potential.

"Hecla President and Chief Executive Officer, Phillips S. Baker, Jr., said, "We believe Hollister is a good project for us if we owned all of it, but when split in half, it is just not large enough to make a significant impact on Hecla's production, revenue or income. It is a better strategy to focus our people and financial resources on projects that have a much larger impact on Hecla"

Well Bruner may very well be that project...........depending on the numbers from phase 2 drilling at Bruner the Bulls Eye on CSQ may get much bigger.  With Helca now controlling 15 % of CSQ, it will be a prime candidate for them to take out.  Good thing they have some deep pockets. Looking forward to Monday AM ;)