When you have solid runs your going to get the penny flippers. I'll pass and hold for the real gains at a $1 plus.  When the PP closes in the next couple days there should be another solid bump just in time for assays at the start of next week from Bruner.  $5 million in the kitty should allow them not only to drill Bruner year round with another Rig but give them the cash to start drilling the Guyana property, they have to spend a min of 1 million within the next 12 months there.  They currently have 2 Augers that the company purchased drilling there to help select the drill sites.  These guys are the real deal.....you only have to look at their past successes. Kramer took Metalline from a market cap of $20 million to 80 million in a year and a half. Like wise, you have Greg Hahn who took Marathon PGM from same market cap to 170 million in a short duration.  Hold your CSQ shares tight, history is about to repeat itself.