There certainly is compelling value here, but it sure looks like it will never be unlocked. I know that I'm comparing apples to oranges, but here goes. Probe, a gold stock just got an upgrade from RBC to 3 bucks. based on an NAV of a little over 200 million at gold around 1400 bucks. Now CRO 's Kenbridge has a NAV of over 200 million based on was it 9.50  nickel and 2.50 copper. Footnote to this is copper is around 3.50 now.  I realize that since they released this years ago that capex for the project might have increased through inflation and price increases etc. But my point here is that Probe market cap is around 160 million and CRO is around 3 million. Other thing is that Kenbridge is open at depth . Pretty hard times for junior miners. You would think that someone would be interested taking out CRO  on the cheap and expanding the resource at Kenbridge. I think it's time for management to try to unlock any value at all for it's suffering shareholders, and try to sell it