.....I was correct when Trader_RP posted the question which was a better opportunity, Cre or Nmx? Cre was at $0.135 and NMX was at $0.13. I stated the short term it was a good idea to sell CRE and buy NMX. Nmx finished at $0.145 today hitting a high of $0.18. This would have been a great time to sell your Cre at $0.13 and buy Nmx at  $0.14, sell your Nmx at $0.155 or higher, then re-buy Cre at $0.11 or however low it's going to go!


One of two things really bother my about Cre. 1) They pay Paradox this absurd amount of money, then they don't provide useful press releases. As a matter of fact, sometimes they don't even let the public know about news! It's brutal. (i.e Bluenote, China Metallurgy, etc.)


2) They change things about the company without telling anyone. For example, deadline dates constantly changed to be later, and they fail to inform us they've even done so. Another example is the latest PP that was brought out of thin air. Nice to blind side the retail investor!


I just wish we'd get our act together. I'm not trying to bring a negative vibe to the board, it's just really frustrating when close to a million shares trade hands, and we get badly sold down. It's soon getting to the point where I'm going to write this off as a loss, and forget that this company even exists. That way, if something miraculously happens, I'll be pleasantly surprised!