Let me take a brief wack at your final sentence's question. The US economy is slowly healing and the stock market is a leading indicator that points out the significance of the healing. It is easy for dollars to chase stock shares;but it is a very different for money to cause a change in resource prices. TSX and TSX V are resource dominated exchanges. For resource based stocks to thrive the demand for physical resources MUST be growing and price pressures SHOULD be causing oils. metals, minerals to increase in price. The EU which is the third biggest consumer of resources after US and China is still in recession. China's demand for resources is staying stable, not increasing. The US demand for resources is increasing;but only gradually. Eventually all three will be expanding in terms of demand and resource prices will rise. I see that happening from mid-to-late 2014. CRE in my view is NOT impacted by all of that becuase they are a long way from producing actual resources. CRE will have a stock price change when the PP is built, when offtake agreements are signed. when mine permits are issued etc.