Under the Liberal Party - not liberal as the US criticism label for liberal is meant- Plan NORD for full development support of mining and minerals extraction was put in place and is being implemented. Problem is that whole thing and other programs cost money. The recent election saw the Parti Quebecois, which in the past was a party advocating separatism, take power. Separation is not on the front burner;but, maintaining services is an active concern. Royalties from miners to Q gov were just increased;but few miners were really complaining. The most interesting comment was made by the Cree Tribal leader who said - these are taxes on profits, and we normally share in company profits so since these royalties reduce profits they hit the Cree population.  Kitco.com has a bunch of articles on this issue. My view is that this additional tax makes it much more likely that the Plan NORD SUPPORT FOR CRE will happen. Net net a positive for us. .