Can not believe what has not happened here. This dog is heading in the same direction as that other wonderful company I trusted this team (or part team) to run to great levels ,BNT. With all the so called meetings that have taken place why is there no ink put to paper. As I recall they were going to sell their interests in BNT (2010) and that didn't work and now they can not sell what the world seems to want. Not in the loop or paying the wrong people to do the work. Am really getting POff here. Hurry up and wait. I am retired and am getting tired of waiting. This has been going to be my beer money for the last 6 years. I believe (in 2007) the CEO at that time was Pierre Forget and First Gold had just hit some good gold results. In 2009 they started drilling for lithium and hit pay dirt. It is time to turn this play into something that will attract your top end investors, and start inking some deals.This is dead money and is not showing much of a heartbeat........JMHO