Don't read me wrong tess.

Do you think that I have a truck full of CRE shares and that I think that CRE is going no where in the futur. I only write what I am thinking of the situation each time I write here.  I don't hope to see the share price down but I am realistic regarding what the situation is.

A few weeks (months) ago I was speaking of 0.17 and it did it because in my opinion the graph show that, and not because I wanted it.   After I was speaking of 0.14 and it did it to....not because I hope so,  but  just because the graph show it.  And now my opinion is base on the last update.

Do you think it is a good update...not in my opinion. So what i am thinking of it,  is that it may ...(not will)...go to 0.10 regarding the market these days.

I understand that you don't like the actual share price level but this is not my fault and not my wish. I have always said that the only good thing of all this is that we can buy at a lower price and reduce everyone our share level price.