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Critical Now In The EU, Too

With the increased interest in the issue of criticality—not confined to the U.S. alone—in its Critical Raw Materials for the EU report in June 2010, the ad hoc working group on defining critical raw materials listed beryllium as one of 14 critical raw materials. And in its "risk lists" of 2011 and 2012, beryllium has been placed by the British Geological in 16th and 10th position, respectively.

In September of this year, the Directorate-General for Internal Policies (Policy Department A: Economic and Scientific Policy) came out with a very interesting studytitled Substitutionability of Critical Raw Materials that includes beryllium. It notes quite prominently: "Europe is nearly 100 percent dependent on imports from the US, Canada, China and Brazil but the US has been restricting exports due to beryllium's identification as a strategic metal."

On page 13 of the presentation it states that CRE has 3.4M kg Indicated and 1.3M kg Inferred Beryllium at the Rose.