JSL and his Dad hold 12 mil shares. JFM holds 1.7 mil shares. That is almost 14% of the outstanding shares. Given the recent dust up with RM, the dimensions of which and the reasons therefore, we still do not know, I think it is fair to say, JSL will resist a buyout. If we knew what in fact transpired with RM and MR about the whole thing, we could better gauge the situation. MR was dead set against selling in a take over posture at 2009 AGM. I doubt that ever changed, which makes the real reason beyond " difference of vision" more puzzling. Your post is exactly why I am trying to promote at least an attempt to interest INTEL. Minera ANDES brought in ROb McEWEN and his presence changed the equation in favor of stockholder quite dramatically.  JFM and JSL could present a -why this would help INTEL pitch to seniors at INTEL. INTEL is one of the most innovative and flexible companies in business worldwide, so they may give CRE an audience given their need for both Tantalum and LI. The gray hair quotient can be filled by JSL senior.