Saturday morning and Time mag delivered with a fashion and design suppemental mag. Normally look at pics and heave mag. Was gonna do so when i read item which includes 2 huge color pics with text. Here's text

A new Leaf.

There is a car that can supply electricity to your home during a blackout- Nissan's Leaf. The Leaf to Home technology -NOW AVAILABLE IN JAPAN- draws on energy stored in the car's LI-ION battery when needed thru a power unit made by Nichicon, a company in Kyoto. There is enough juice in batteries 24 kWh- to keep the lights on and refrig running in avg Japanese home for two days. The best place to see it in action is at Kankankyo house built by Sekisui House and located next to Nissan HQ in Yokohama, one of 11 Japanes cities in future city initiative. NISSAN-GLOBAL.COM