Hey everyone,


I've thought about many things since the last news release, and reviewed everyone's well deserved opinions and analysis, all really great!


Let's start with the stock price.....it's not where anyone wants it to be! Consultant99 said it great by stating that we are not as knowledgable as other investors. We certainly try to be, but something is holding us back, and/or someone is manipulating us down to the levels we are at now. Cre does do some things behind our backs that have made us small time investors a bit upset. They quite often don't inform us of the full plan, letting the people working closely to CRE to have an inside edge. We think it's a great buying opportunity while other people are selling. Case and point yesterday....I picked up some shares at .205 and now, as I type this the bid is .195 and the ask is .20, extremely frustrating!


Thinking about the news release has made me realize CRE's goal. They absolutely want to have a top 3 lithium/tantalum mine in the world. Why else would they release news on expanding and finding a new zone with high grade tantalite and lithium? I think this news release wasn't for us investors. I really believe this news release was a message to the group(s) negotiating an off-take agreement with CRE. The message is that we don't only have what is in our current NPV. We could have 1.5 times, 2 times, 10 times more.....who knows! This news release is definately a bit of fluff, but paints the possibility that CRE could significantly expand its mine life.


The other positive of this news release is that they were able to insert the paragraph that they are in discussions with end users. It's a good way to inform people on the outside looking in that maybe it's time to jump back into this investment as the train, plane, or ship is about to take off! They are 2 months overdue on an off-take agreement, 2 months overdue on environmental study, 1 month overdue on feasability study, and who knows how long overdue on metallurgy (what I don't get why they haven't told us anything). Things have got to be close to happening and a SP rise is in short order IMO.


Aogee said it best that you have to look at this as a long-term investment. Many have been here for years as it is, and what's a bit more time? The story is there, the pieces of the puzzle are in place, it's just time for them to all connect at once.


I'm a bit disappointed in the share price as well. But look around, Nemaska has less then us - they are higher. CLQ is diluted as F*** and has less then us - they are MUCH higher. Talison's company sent me their NPV before they went into production and guess what? They were less then us in lithium alone! So if you think you're going to lose money at $0.20, then sell your shares, because it's only a matter of time before we enter this market and have a significant impact.


Way to go everyone, nice to read your amazing posts! Cheers,