One obvious meaning is a greater amount of resource to mine and sell. This announcement means something different to me however. It relates to the pictures of the JR showing. It has that name because the rock peaks up out of the ground. It is visible to the naked eye, much like physical gold. If this spudomene is as high a purity LI as at Rose, it increases company intrinsic value.

CRE already knew of the JR deposit so finding a new vein tells me they are NOT standing still. They are meeting, presenting, negotiating, AND even exploring. Go to AGM. You will think you are at BHP Billiton. No nonsense. Facts based pitches. Real answers to questions and done at a fast pace. Tiny company acts like a world class player which indeed they may become. Can't say enough positives here. A truly impressive operation in search of a good offtake deal for a LI purity that is rare.