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,,,my understandind was that  there is one buyer that is more important than the other.

I got that feeling as well.

-waiting for the enviro rapport but everything should be ok because they respect evrything.

Thanks for asking that question as I forgot the other day.

-NMX use a higher price in lithium than CRE so ther market cap is higher if CRE do the same thing CRE would be higher.

This from Mining Weekly last year.


The Rose PEA estimated a total of 452 306 t of lithium carbonate and 3.5-million pounds of Ta2O5 to be produced over the expected 17 year life of the mine. The mine carries a price tag of about C$268-million, and at a minimum price of $6 000/t of lithium and a nominal price of $118/lb of tantalum, the project carried a net present value (NPV) of $488-million, using an 8% discount.

However, MacDonald pointed out that the price of lithium had been increasing on a quarterly basis this year and, when a price of $8 500/t of lithium and $135/lb of tantalum were used, the NPV increased to $1.08-billion.

-CRE as 17 years of reserve.

The PEA is for the Rose deposit. If you look at the rest of the property to the NE you will see that drill and grab sample results from JR, Helico and Pivert are just as encouraging. When I spoke to JSL about the mine life last year he said it could easily double to over 30 years.

Probably why JSL stated this in his Lithium - A Critical Element article.

Our Rose Lithium/Tantalum project in Quebec is geologically similar to Talison's property, and stands to be one of the few dominant sources for global markets and the US in particular.

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