Spoke with JFM ....very nice guy and as the style to put people in confidence.  Conversation was in french so I try to translate that tou you guy's and forgive me the mistake in writting

-no one as a salary in CRE and they keep money very thight

-no need for financing very proud to be aroud 110 million shares only

-whent in asia and they will return there

-still speaking with people,,,,my understandind was that  there is one buyer that is more important than the other

-could have made an annoucement some time ago for an ok with a buyer but after studying the contract, pull back because not enough money profitable for the compagny on a long time base 

-prefer to do big annoucements rather than short  like small drill results hole by hole

-waiting for the enviro rapport but everything should be ok because they respect evrything

-spoke of NMX an there annoncement this morning in comparaison ....

-NMX use a higher price in lithium than CRE so ther market cap is higher if CRE do the same thing CRE would be higher

-NMX will try a new method and have to invest 25 million to do so.....CRE do not have to and saving this money

-CRE as 17 years of reserve NMX 18 years, but CRE could have much much more in the ground than 17 years and not hurry to annonce something for this

-native colaboration very good

-know than this is a doll period for investor, but each compagny as the same period in there life

-Insider do not or can not buy for know....didn't really understand the problem, but seem like they will do later on

well this is about all