I too am not happy.  With no news, how do we (the shareholders) know what's going on behind the scenes???  To add to that the low cash funds that CRE has in their bank account, can only add to the worry that they will need to do a financing in the next few weeks/months.  Yes yes management said they would try not to, but if they don't get some kind of off-take agreement, and if they don't go to the bank for a loan, then how the heck are they going to get any cash???  And tell me, how do they plan on going into production as early as 2014????  That's a joke.  You realize that's as early as 11 months from now???  Wow, let's aim for 2016/2017.  Or let's just aim to go into production.  C'mon management, give us some news.  How about an update???