Let's hope there are no changes to Plan Nord.

Found this PWC document about the Plan Nord. It's from last year but I had not come across it before.


PWC also had this to say last year.

A report from PwC suggests that the analysis of 51 national economies highlights the potential for a new source of interest in alternative resources and the significance of lithium within this focus. Yael Selfin, head of macro-consulting and a director in PwC’s economics team, indicated the potential for sovereign wealth funds4 to increase exposure to the lithium industry:


......and in a separate article.......

Beryllium, used as a lightweight component in military equipment, cobalt, used in industrial manufacturing and lithium, used in wind turbines and hybrid cars, were among minerals identified in the report as facing critical shortages. Tantalum and flurospar will also face a shortfall, it said.


CRE has Beryllium, Lithium and Tantalum at the Rose and Cobalt at their other properties.