POSITIVE: The facts are clear. CLQ has a 250m market cap with 341m shares and CRE a 27m market cap with 110m shares. Is the gap between a 43-101 and processing really a 10X market cap? I am not so sure. CLQ has plowed the way and now CRE can benefit from the proven ability to extract and process the lithium. All things being equal if CRE was to move up to even a third of the market cap of CLQ pre-production with a slight increase in shares we could hit .50 cents.

QUESTIONING: How much dilution will our company bleed to get towards production? Can it be absorbed or will our share price be adjusted and our market cap sustained? Is Quebec going to niche a lithium hub?

Looking forward to the next news release but I am not so optimistic that it will be next week unless i missed the news release where management gave us a milestone timeline.