Last year Ron MacDONALD- FORMER MINISTER FOR CRITICAL METALS UNDER THE Chretian Govt', who is now our Executive Chairman, gave a presentation at the AGM that was a stunner in terms of content.

If he has substantive things to say this year, and the AGM is webcast into the states, we could see a stock price pop.

What Harper said in his annual report could help CRE in that the mine permits could be issued on an accelerated basis, the bridge to Detriot could make movement of tanatalum into the US STRATEGIC STOCKPILE easier and cheaper, and Canadian federal financial help might make getting the mine open that much easier financially. Our agreement with the CREE nation dovetails beautifully with what the PM said about First Nation peoples.

An offtake agreement or two will push this stock price higher. Here's hoping that after TET, a deal will happen.