I thought it odd that despite Canada Lithium's exposure on BNN and being so close to production their share price has languished.

However if you work out a fair market value by dividing the NPV by number of shares - there is no upside to their stock........unlike NMX and CRE's.

I used the NPV numbers from James West's recent article.


CLQ - 227M/341.3M = $0.66 (present SP $0.70)

NMX - 130M/101.9M = $1.27 (present SP $0.45)

CRE - 488M/110.8M = $4.40 (present SP $0.21)

According to Ron MacDonald the NPV could actually be $1.08 billion.


CRE - 1.08B/110.8M = $9.74

This probably does not include the other resources at the Rose.

Good that they are striving not to dilute the share base.

Have a good weekend everyone.