First off let me say thanks to everybody for posting their information. Good to hear that there are rumours that things are happening with potential "off take agreement" partners.

I am not disputing that this information is true or not however this is certainly not trading like it is true or even in the near future. This type of information will be leaked (intentionally and by way of the normal course of doing business) and you should see a very large increase in volume. Not seeing that as of late. Just saying.

Would love to see this take off before the end of this year. I also have been into CRE since its First Gold days. Rode it to the 40 cent mark and sold half and have rode it back down to the 10 cent mark. Have added back what I sold plus additional amounts because I believe this is ready to take the next leap over the 0.50 cent mark in the near term. Has all the makings of a good investment.

Time will tell.

GL All