House 1 which i believe are traders that use all facilities to disguise computer trader techniques in the Junior market and are likely controlled by Mineralfields and other such like companies are destroying the markets. They are trying to take advantage of scare  tactics of individual traders like most out here. That is why you will continually lose if you don't do your due dilegence. They will drive the stock down and take up again, always looking to see if the company is going to produce. Their trades will give them a slight profit and when you trade millions of shares you win. I was talking to my doctor today who invests in them and has bought flow through shares through them and was told the tax write off is great and you hold all the warrants. She made a 20 percent profit this year, so if you want to make money the best way is to have money and let them invest it. They take advantage of you and me and have figured it out. The only way to win (and you won't in the long run by trading a few thousand shares) is to find a quality investment like CRE and if you believe average down and stay long. If you have a good pick and are right you will win. Thus I remain with CRE> JMO jim