Just to catch you up Newfe I believe we sent samples away about 2 or 3 years ago. I can't remember when. It was in a news release I believe or maybe when I was talking to management. What we are supposed to be doing next is doing bulk samples off a processing facility. If this stays the same add another point to the end of our price If we produce, and do not dilute to oblivion which management is trying to do then we could see another dot on the end and maybe reverse splits to keep us down. Lithium and Tantalum will lead our way but never forget about the stockpile we are putting up with other significant elements. I believe this is the best long range junior with a management that speaks quality. As a third generation explorer JSL knows more about exploration, share worht, and valuation than many would think. Hiis family experience and non dilution basis keep me here. JMO Jim