Hopefully be more interesting tomorrow.

GMP picking up another 42.5K today.

On the Alpha - TD7 bought 10K at the ask (0.20) from Anon 3 minutes before the close. Interesting.....


Trading History - Previous 10 Trades

Date Time Price Volume $ Change % Change Buyer Seller Trade Type
11/22/2012 03:57:12 PM 0.2000 10,000 0.0050 2.56 007 001  
11/22/2012 03:36:32 PM 0.1950 10,000 0.0000 0.00 001 019  
11/22/2012 02:20:08 PM 0.2000 10,000 0.0050 2.56 007 002  

Traders still speculating that there is money to be made at Talison - up 0.89% with 1.75M shares traded. BNN reporting the story and stating that Lithium demand is likely to double in the next 7 years (2020).

I liked these quote's from James West recent article.

Still viable are companies that match strong management with solid structures where the share price can still respond to success without battling through a wall of cheap paper from past financings. These are generally newer companies.

For lithium, I like Critical Elements Corp. (CRE:TSX.V), again not so much because it's the biggest lithium deposit, but because management is making all the right moves to put the deposit into production on a fast track.