I was looking at L2 earlier and figured the same, but it gives me more time to prepare for the football game.. I have to behave today as have a doctor appointment tomorrow or it would be a great day. Let's see the sale of tablets etc after Black Friday. High sales should help the market move along and the more IT sales the better for us down the road. There sure are a lot of undervalued stocks out there and I have to believe that the buyers market is going to be taken advantage of in early to late Dec although it might fizzle some in Feb Mar timeframe (depends on RRSP sales and junior investments from loading TFSA's. I have to believe that long term there is no where to go but up. The timing of a market reversal is in line with our pending announcements in my opinion so some very good days ahead if we don't get taken out before then. JMO but looks like CRE is going to be a very good holding in the long run.  Now which other new ones to pick when I revamp in Jan, hard question but I have a few on my non published watch list. Jim