Schmid and that post you just made was the 2nd most stupidest you made so far in 2 days. I replied to your post about drilling in the winter being hard to move drilling machines around cold and snow. As the "crow flies" they would only move away from the way the crow flies would be for cliff or high ledge as for the trees they would have moved them unless they are an protected species. 

No I never said I was all knowing about CQV, that was your words but thanks anyway. lol

I know all about the PR, on our gold property but for some on know reason that makes any sense you keep polluting this board with SHP info.

But I must say after careful reading over your post from the last few weeks I will give you credit for you portion of a post you made on January 11/13 quote"P.S. I have the ultimate in "plausible deniability", I am on meds that I can take, or not take,  at my discretion. hehe  I chose my Doctor very carefully.  lol  

so I do give you kudos on your honesty in this post. lol lol