I received the company AGM documents today in the mail. Nothing much of interest except the management members pay themselves approximately $60,000 a year for the the fine work they have done. What a joke these characters are.

CQR is was trading for $0.01 until today and now we are up to $01.5 . Big deal eh, a 50% rise on the hope the company can  raise some $ and deep drill the Alexander property, which is what needed to be done all along or JV with a major like Detour , but with better terms and hope for the best. We are next door to the most profitable gold property in North America potential is huge, but so is the risk.

In this market that would be hard to arrange and finance. I am long 35K shares at much higher prices, so good luck to all, but don`t bet the farm. I voted against everything in the AGM docs because I have no confidence the current guys can ever do the deal above. 

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