Central Bank Gold Rehypothecation Scandal to Take Gold to $5,000/oz


  • The battle is on for delivery and verification for official gold accounts
  • Evidence grows that much of it is gone, and when demanded, replaced with urgency
  • It is soon to transform into a global gold war
  • The German Government gold demand to the London and NY City bankers represents a big escalation in the gold war
  • The central bank coordinated QE to Infinity has brought questions of gold account location and integrity
  • The Allocated Gold Account scandal is a natural event to follow the LIBOR banker scandal
  • QE3 will assure a gold rise past the $2,000 mark, but the new scandal will take the gold price to $5,000
  • The powerful gold factors are aligned and in place, led by permanent ZIRP and unlimited QE

A nasty Golden Harp could soon have its cords plucked, with the resonance working to shake loose the bankster cover of improper illicit duplicitous and probably highly illegal usage of Allocated Gold Accounts.