Conquest Resources Ltd. Presentation -

Sunday Lake Project – Strategic Value


The Sunday Lake Property is comprised of 13 square-kilometres of patented 
mining claims located four kilometres east of Detour’s 

Open pit gold reserves of 
15.6 million ounce

deposit in the Northern Abitibi Greenstone Belt in Ontario that is currently under 
development by Detour Gold Corporation


The Detour Lake project is located within the northwestern portion of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt in the Superior Province of the Canadian Shield. The supracrustal rocks in the project area consist of mafic and ultamafic volcanic rocks of the Deloro Group in thrust contact to the south with the younger Porcupine sedimentary sequence.


This regional east-west thrust zone is referred to as the Sunday Lake Deformation Zone ("SLDZ") and can be traced over a distance of more than 20 kilometres on the property.


It is defined by a deeply mylonitized and mineralized siliceous alteration zone, referred to as the Chert Marker Horizon ("CMH"), which marks the contact between the basaltic and ultramafic terranes.





Red Lake Gold Mining District, Ontario, Canada

'The junior with the best address in the Red Lake District'



A preliminary evaluation of a 2009 airborne geophysical survey released by the Ontario Geological Survey infers that a favorable structural horizon transects the Sunday 
Lake Property. The geophysical data confirms that the Sunday Lake claims which lie immediately to the east of the Detour Lake gold deposit are associated with the 
same deformation trend - the Sunday Lake Fault.


 • Located 4km east of the Detour Lake project currently under development 
by Detour Gold Corp.
Open pit gold reserves of 
15.6 million ounces
Projected average annual gold production of approximately 
657,000 ounces
− Detour Lake project currently contains an open pit mineral reserve of
 15.6 million ounces of gold using a  cut-off grade of 0.5 g/t.
 With production scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2013, the mine is  
 projected to produce an average of 657,000 ounces of gold annually over
 a period of 21.5 years.
- A major east-west structural break located less than 5 kilometres south of
 the Sunday Lake Deformation Zone that hosts the Detour Lake mine.
− Feasibility study indicates a mine life with average annual 
  produce an average of 657,000 ounces of gold annually over 
 a period of 21.5 years at cash costs of appr. US$440/oz
50/50 Conquest - Detour
Sunday Lake Property

Conquest-Detour Transaction Summary
• September 2010 - 50/50 JV with Detour Gold
• Detour to expend $1.0M in exploration 
expenditure on Sunday Lake

• Conquest sold 100% of Aurora to Detour Gold 
• $2.0M cash
• 100,000 Detour Gold Corp shares