I was told that a part of the PDAC was prepaid by George (althought maybe what was meant was a contract they couldn't get out of) and that current management would have had a much smaller and less expensive presence at PDAC given the current news cycle of the company.

Hard to separate rumour from fact but the amount of garbage being attributed to George (website theft, his lawsuit against PBX, permit problems, misrepresentations, angry hordes of shareholders, dozens of trashed opportunities, grossly weakened financial position, ...) and the ramifications make it sound like it will be years before the "George damage" gets completely dealt with.

We're all waiting for the new management to get the house in order and start getting the shareprice back to reality, and i think they can do it, but I don't envy them the job. One of their promises was greater transparency - I haven't seen that yet but in the grand scheme of things it is early days still.


- imauuru