Welcome February!  December and January certainly did not help out PBX so I hope this month proves to be a much better time for PBX shareholders.

I've given the new management 3 months to move us forward and accomplish a few things.  That time is now up.  I will be writing in more detail in the next week or so regarding my concerns and thoughts about PBX and management.  I am traveling at the moment though and don't want to take the time except to point out the lack of any visible progress on CMX.  We have never even gotten any type of comment about our VP's trip to the region.  Does he know how to use email?  Regarding Copaquire, yes after 3 months we identified some more water sources apparently.  The share price has responded appropriately.  

I would like to just pose this one question at this time. Who are the directors of CMX?  I have never heard or read anything to show that directors have been changed.  No press announcements and certainly the website has not been changed (http://www.chileanmetals.com/directors.html).  So why hasn't George and others been removed and replaced by others after 3 months?  That is a very good question to be asking management.  The idea that there is difficulty with the website doesn't hold any water since one could easily note the changes through a press release, a filing, or even on the PBX website so let's not try to fool ourselves.  There must be a reason why this has not been done after all of this time. I recommend all shareholders contact management and ask this basic question and think hard about their answer.

Enjoy the weekend