I see on the OZ Minerals website that they are holding a webcast on January 24th 10:00 am (AEST) regarding their December 2012 Quarterly Report.  I believe they will have their initial drill results from Copaquire by then and hopefully they will be sharing those results in the webcast and in their actual quarterly report.

Considering the time difference, those of us in the Western part of North America should be able to access the webcast late Wednesday night, January 23rd.  

I will be interested both in the drilling results as well as where OZ chose to begin their drilling and any comments they may make regarding the project. 

Hopefully the start of seeing drilling results again with create more interest.  Also I am somewhat patiently awaiting some progress to be announced or seen regarding CMX.  The continued lack of any discernable progress is imo hurting or holding down the sp.