Oh come'on Sucyn....  What do you mean we are "doomed".  A bit over the top don't you think after some reflection? 

We are "doomed" because we have had a prolonged quiet period where little, if not nothing, has been announced for shareholders.  Crikey we have not seen any drill results on Copaquire for a year now so it's difficult to get excited!  OZ only told us in early November that they had started drilling at Copaquire mid-Oct and no details since then.  Nobody is expecting any drills results until the end of December (according to OZ) or the early January (according to PBX).  There is no news on anything regarding CMX yet and no update so shareholders are sitting on dead money at the moment.  But will this last forever?  Of course not.  OZ will eventually produce their drill results.  Management will eventually do something about CMX.  Copper is steady and global economies are improving slightly.  So yes, it is frustrating and we seem to be moving at a snail's pace but I think things (including the share price) will improve considerably by February.  As I have stated before, I am just hoping we stay at 5 cents before we start to move up but I wouldn't be surprised if we dip momentarily below that level before the year's end.