My associates certainly have! They were pretty impressed with them. But it isn't going to be an overnight turn around. It sounds like they are pretty busy cleaning up the prior managements messes. 

My understanding is that the bookkeepeer/receptionist/translator (I can't remember her name) is still there along with Peter Kohl who was retained for continuity. (Peter Kohl is no longer a director.)

My best guess is that we are in a holding pattern for a while until they get some of their ducks in a row. We should hear some management news about parts of their strategy, the work of Chris Hodgson, tidbits from OZ's efforts (although drill results are still a ways off) and so on, over the next few months. Hopefully mid-December will bring at least a little good news but then I expect the new year to be replete with juicy information to springboard the stock price back into reality.