We have churned through approx 3 million shares since the announcement.  Clearly some people prefer to take the loss (how many could have had a gain selling at this price), but this kind of buying has not been seen on the stock in a long time.  The interest will hold up as long as new mgmt continues to clean up from prior mgmt's issues,  and we will move onwards and upwards.It will take time as these prices create an overhang of fairweather shareholders who are looking to break even and get out.  Also i believe that when financing is announced we will see additional buying interest.  I also hope mgmt will not ignore the capital markets as their predecessors did.  i am certainly optomistic that they realize that the old ways of Geroge and co did not work and will continue to aggressively market this play to fresh blood or those who were interested in our story in the past but begged off becaue of the ineptitude of prior mgmt.