I would agree with your general gist, Moric, but not necessarily your conclusion. We still haven't seen the official numbers but the dissidents must have had 50+ million and the "company" half that. If you swing Gary Medford's shares from "company" to dissident then you are starting to approach a majority of shareholders. But what do these active shareholders value the stock at? The market is the final word and there are still sellers for single digits (a sizeable block of 8 cent shares went up this morning I believe). And while buying is up, there isn't a ground based surge of confidence to be seen in the bids. This could be just remants of the bitter tasting "George Kool aid" but the share price is the share price. While I hear from a lot of those shareholders about targets ranging from 25 to 95 cents, the people I talk to are still only a minority. I think there are a lot of shareholders who would jump at 30 cents -- my guess is far less than a majority but not insignificant. But it is not my guess that would matter - it would be any potential company that might do a hostile offer. That company would look at current stock price as a starting position. While so many of us here believe in Copaquire and data indicates it should be a mine, there is still the risk of the drill with OZ and the 90 million dollars is not yet a done deal. So a low ball offer to take risk off the table for shareholders would not be out of line and I wouldn't be surprised if it was in the 30 cent range. Untili the stock price is back in the high twenties, it remains a real possibility.