Just to summarize what my previous posts are driving at.


Literally any company (or anyone for that matter) can go out and buy large chunks of land out in the bush.


A self confessed bullboard pumper can entice you by saying that the company has the "largest suite of graphite properties in NA".


(I just love how he chose that word "suite" .... is sounds a lot juicier than "collection" or "group".)


BUT .... the reality is that owning land does not , has not and never will guarantee JACK SQUAT. So don't let the likes of Rockhead with their smoke and mirror posting style convince you that it does.


Above all ..... remember there are multitudes of graphite miners in Quebec that have been there far longer than CJC and that have already scooped up what they believe are the most promising properties.


All the best to those with good intentions.