A few points for the Dummie:


- You trolls have backed up zero re your smears on my DD or anything else. You're patting yourself on the back to such a degree that your fingers are going up another troll's a--. Congrats on that.


- Re my "day job," well, now that you mention it, I was in L.A. the latter half of last week. The major motion picture starring an A-Level actor that I and my partner have the rights to (along with a couple other films) is being green-lit for distribution by a top 7 distributor. So, is it "lucrative." Yer d----mmmmnnnn right!!!! And if you don't believe me, then bet against my assertions. The money can be held with the lawyer of your choice.


C'mon Dummie, it's easy money - isn't it? Show the courage of your convictions and back up your words.


C"mon, take a stand, troll.