A few points, bignothing.


- Until, you and the trolls say what about my DD isn't kosher, exactly what market activity you are alluding to when you condemn me - and back up what you have said about my business background - then why should I give you free lessons in anything. The ball is in your court, troll - and remains there until you back up your smears.


- You seem to be stuck on people's dad's. Could it be that certain family members of yours let you down? Get a grip. You are an adult. Take responsibility for yourself - and don't blame your dead father for your own failures. (I said previously that I wouldn't mention your dad, but seeing as you can't stop the cheap shots, I felt it was free game.....And it feels good, doesn't it, troll?)


- I don't recall ever meeting you, troll. So, don't feel that you know me. You make a poor armchair psychologist, troll.