Hey Jim;


Well you have the swagger of a salesman, that's for sure. Betting you or anyone else is not my intention

and actually you really don't sound like the seasoned profressional by mentioning it. I'll bet on good high

risk companies instead of play your game of one-upmanship, thanks anyway.


I simply wanted you to explain what fundamentals you refer to when you say that you like CJC. Making a

claim about liking a company's fundamentals and not being able to articulate what you mean led me to

believe that you are probably not being completely truthful. I'd again like to know the real rationale for your

statement, especially since you probably have some blog readers who take some of your writings



No doubt there is potential in this junior and many others, but there are years of hurdles to face and we all

know the record of long years of exploration before production. Sure, if they prove quickly that they have

something special they'll be bought up before we get to react, but a few flakes is what drew them to the

properties in the first place. There isn't anything in any fundamentals here better than any other average

junior mining bet.


I have not found any evidence of the drilling you mentioned in your blog.


Now, insofar as your childish petulance (okay, I couldn't help but say that after your betting taunt), grow up

and respect my request that you explain what fundamentals you are referring to that you like for this play.  I

read some of your replies to other posters and they sounded like a day trader's hyperbole. And of course,

the stock guru guy was playing off them. 


That's why I questioned your honesty.


Now, back to you, but I'll never shut up when I see people being potentially misled, whther intended or not.