And here he is ..... the great Jim Rockford .... chest all stuck out and talking the big man talk after his big ol' business trip. I have been waiting for you to show up with your spewage.


Well Jim .... welcome back to the reality that is your is your two bit CJC pump on Stockhouse. And since you are in the gambling mood let me make a wager with you. Ya see Jim ... I cannot find one post in the last month where any of your outlandish predictions regarding this stock rising in price have come to fruition. I will bet that you can't find one either. 


C'mon back up your words. It will be fun - and I promise to give my winnings to all the people that have lost money buying into your pump here.


Also .... you say you didn't read SH while you were away. Why? Didn't the hotel you stayed at have Wi-Fi? After the less than impressive release I think you just went into hiding for a while. And rightfully so.


A while ago you predicted an inevitable upswing. I dare say you don't have a clue Jim. And your buddy stockguru doesn't either.