Best regards to you too Guru;


If I am to be an acolyte, I choose to be an exorcist. I see that 432 people are officially ignoring you and

scores of others are ridiculing you.


I too am a relentless flipper on hype, but I don't make up the wild stories you and your friend Rocky do. You

give us a bad rep; him trying to sound like he knows what he is doing as an investor and you just looking

like a regular hyping troll.


If there's anyone who should stay away so I can make money it's you two. Stick with newcos and unknown

spec plays. The Venture has some worthy and potentially viable companies that need true support here,

not your easy to see through pumping hype. The strong push and made up fantasies only hurts them and

hurts the rest of our chances to make money. I kind of doubt that you'll see what I mean, but maybe you can



Just my opinion.


There is only one pace I am going. I'll see you in Hades.