Where were all these artisian miners when B2 first got the concessions??? How about during all the months and months of drilling planning and spending buckets of money?? Nada, no protests, but now that all that work is coming to fruition here they come, like locusts to lush fields. I have never believed that all this is not organized by political insiders near the top who use this method to load up on more loot. Poor local miners who are ruining the countries rivers and streams and fouling their own nest, and bad old big foreign miners who are stealing their lively hood. Yea sure.


I've been to these places and my head is not stuck in the sand, without the money and technology from elsewhere coming in to educate, develop and build industries the future for these populations is non existent as far as obtaining a modern way of life is concerned. I'm talking about indoor plumbing, reliable power, clean water etc.


Those poor unfortunate people down there that's all you ever hear, yes thats right and here are some of uncle Willies observations during my travels.

People are generally healthier and more robust in central and south America than they are in the north.

Kids are a great example, having the greatest big white choppers in their smiling faces, and overall are physically in better shape than American kids. Their immune systems are also superior because they are exposed to the things that an immune system is supposed to kill. Practice makes perfect.

The population is closer to the land base. Everyone either has or have family and friends who have livestock (  chickens, ducks, goats, sheep )  and grow vegetables and fruit, coffee, cocoa etc:  While a global economic meltdown would be a disaster  for the population of developed countries such as the US/Canada,  life will pretty much go on as always in the latin countries. Maybe they know this and only want what we have long enough to extract all the coin they can ( AMERIKAN DALLAS ) and then bid us Adios Amigo.  Smart latinos eh. Cry me a River.