Yeaa meee, Williee


I think Seven's got a handle on it here and I agree whole heartedly. I don't want to get personal about anything but I have never liked guy's doing the shave your head thing, wearing an ear ring, or tattoos. The macho look you know. I know what real machismo and being tough actually is and it is none of the above. Well, maybe I'm out of touch here and it now is supposed to project another image, so what, be what you are not a projection.

As I have said previously CGW and SMG are strictly there to give me a wee bit of the gambling buzzz. Right now it's a simple equation to me and I have done all the home work on those two that I want to. 3 cent stock somewhere at 114 million shares trading...... 114,000,000 X .03 = 3.42 mill: cap. very near the $2+ million in treasury for CGW. Lets not forget a very nice property which already shows great potential for which there is currently no stock value added.

The juniors are now so depressed that there is no reason left not to buy, even for the losers, how much more do they think they can lose? What can they gain? Ahaaa. Gold is battling it out on the world stage and will not die, heck, it won't even retreat, much. Gold is in demand by central banks, and private interests as never before all the big players and the cheap gold day's are gone for good. Every newspaper is screaming in full page ads " we want your gold" and will be set up in your town soon.

 The G&S equities will begin to move up at some point and I think sooner than later. It's weird but super low interest rates have not led to a credit bubble of easy money because the banks are not pushing to lend their ill gotten money, they want better interest than the fed can give them. Now a really smart dude would borrow all he could at ditch low interest because the inflation bubble is already in the pipeline. Joe Blow meanwhile has been programmed to fear just about anything, he's in flux you might say. So Im not looking for a credit bubble to ignite things as in day's past. But gold breaking out to $1900 and beyond will kick start things.                            I think that we will see ( never positive ) progress in the junior share valuation by spring so I look at a concern such as CGW perhaps hitting the 12 cent or more target before the onset of summer, a nice 3 or 4 bagger.


Thats it....... Willie